Industry Advisory Council

The Industry Advisory Council provides feedback on the current and proposed curriculum related to the GAMMA Program. By creating a direct link with leaders in the industry, the GAMMA Program augments the core curriculum taught at UT Austin, including game and mobile development experiences, to produce graduates ready to work as artists, animators, designers, programmers and future leaders in industry as soon as they graduate.


Erik Bethke
CEO and Founder of Bee Cave Games, Inc.


Jerry Bowerman
CEO of sonarDesign, Inc.

jenniferBJennifer Bullard
Executive Director of Captivate Conference and Chapter Chair of IGDA Austin

Comments: “UT Austin has created a top tier game development program that prepares students for work in the video game industry. This much-needed program brings qualified candidates to employer’s doorsteps and supports our local ecosystem. We are looking forward to great graduates year after year.”

AndrewBAndrew Busey
CEO and Co-Founder of Team Chaos

ACastoroAnthony Castoro
Executive Producer at MaxPlay

“BrettC”Brett Close
SVP of Engineering of

“PatrickC”Patrick Curry
Director of Unity Austin


Scott Henderson
VP of Game Programming at Everi

BenLBen Lamm
Co-Founder and CEO of Chaotic Moon

Comments: “The proof is here at Chaotic Moon, where our employees—many of whom were members of the GAMMA Program—are merging classic gaming tactics with emerging mobile tech.”


Richard Vogel
President of Battlecry Studios


Gordon Walton
President of Art+Craft Entertainment