Benefits of Partnering

The University of Texas at Austin’s GAMMA Program teaches students in the fields of art, computer science, design, and production focused on digital media creation, game development, and making mobile apps. Partners participate in the growth of the GAMMA Program while also growing their business.


Reach nearly 5,000 students in the Center for Arts and Entertainment Technologies (CAET), College of Fine Arts, Computer Science Department, and Radio-Television-Film Department, plus many more students around campus who are interested in digital interactive media, game, and mobile development!


Targeted recruiting events and programs reduce the time and money involved to hire the right entry-level professional. Hiring the wrong fit for you company is expensive, energy draining, and reduces self-esteem. Hiring the right fit by using the Partner Program makes you feel like a rock star!

Thought Leadership

You are a leader in your field. Students understand current trends and how the youth from 15-25 years old think. Combine the two, and, wham, you will become a thought leader in how to develop creative products for 15-25 year olds, and students will consider you as a thought leader as they enter the workforce!

Ecosystem Development

Have you ever noticed that the most successful software and entertainment industry clusters are typically co-located with a major world-class university? This is no mere coincidence. Strong university programs drive industry growth. By participating in the Partner Program, you are enhancing your future business opportunities and growth!

Corporate and Community Goodwill

Let’s face it. You want to feel like your company is doing good things for the community, and so do the rest of your employees. By engaging students, your employees will be energized and enthused. This feeling will have a halo effect, within and outside, of your company!

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