Related Programs

Besides the official GAMMA Program certificates, The University of Texas at Austin offers two other undergraduate certificates in areas that might be of particular relevance to students interested in the GAMMA Program.

  • For students who are interested in learning User Interfaces, Usability, and User Experience, the School of Information offers an minor in Human Computer Interaction as part of the minor in Information Studies.
  • For students who are not in the Computer Science Department but are interested in learning more about programming, the Computer Science Department offers an Elements of Computing Certificate. However, the Elements of Computing Certificate is not a recommended path for students who want to take the Capstone Course as a programmer.
  • For students who are interested in a broad understanding of how to create digital media and its implications on us, individually and as a society, the School of Undergraduate Studies offers the Bridging Disciplines Program in Digital Art and Media. Students in the Bridging Disciplines Program who gain an adequate understanding of digital media will be able to apply to the Capstone Course and gain a “Game Development” emphasis certificate.

Both of these programs are complementary to the GAMMA Program and can be taken concurrently.